SSC CHSL 2018 notice

SSC has released the Notice for all the rejected candidates of SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 2 exam under unfair means (UFM). As per the Notice released by the commission, a total of 4560 candidates were rejected on the ground of unfair means (UFM) out of 36112 candidates who appeared in Tier 2 of examination.  The commission has also highlighted the instruction regarding unfair means practice in the exam. As per the commission, the instructions regarding UFM were given in the “Notice of Examination” and also on the “cover page” of the Question-cum- Answer Book.

The instruction for the candidate mentioned on the Notice of the examination is as “13.6.6 Candidates are strictly advised not to write any personal identity e.g. name, Roll Number, Mobile Number, Address, etc inside the Answer Book. The candidates who fail to adhere to these instructions will be awarded zero marks.”

And the instruction given on the Cover page of the Question-cum- Answer Book is as “Candidates are strictly advised not to write any personal identity (real or imaginary, e.g. name, roll no, mobile no, address, etc (other than the name and address are given in the question) inside the Answer Book otherwise their Answer Book will not be evaluated and they shall be awarded zero marks.”

To counter the decision of rejection taken by the commission, candidates submitted the representation to deal with the issue candidates are facing. The SSC Commission has agreed to constitute a committee of experts to examine the matter and to give its recommendations for the consideration of the Commission.

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